Stick Packaging

Stick Packaging

Recently many products have enjoyed resurgence in popularity, not due however to positive clinical trials or formula improvement, but to packaging.  For years the staple dosage form for nutraceutical and OTC products was liquid, tablet, capsule, bulk powder, and sachet but now with the recent introduction of the stick pack things are changing. 

Thanks in part to the popularity of bottled water and almost everyone carrying a water bottle of some type, the stick pack was born.  A stick pack is a long slim package that holds a single serving of powder liquid or gel.  Most sticks packs contain 1 to 5 grams of powder that can be added directly to your water bottle, shaken and consumed as a refreshing drink, no more tablets or capsules.  The stick packs long slim design makes it easy to open and empty the contents into a narrow necked bottle. 

Many companies now offer their product in a stick pack once available only as tablet or capsule and as a result are realizing a sharp increase in sales, this has numerous companies exploring the stick pack option for many other products, both existing and new formulas alike.

The advantage to the stick pack over traditional tablets and capsules is that it’s just simply more user friendly.  Most consumers categorize tablets and capsules as pills and pills are perceived as being unnatural, even if it is a natural product.  By mixing a powder into your water bottle it loses the perception of pill popping, instead it’s now a healthy drink.  The stick pack also has advantages over the traditional sachet.  Sachets require 30% more packaging material than a stick pack and the width of a sachet doesn’t allow the contents to be emptied into a small opening of a water bottle.  Travelling, especially air travel (security issues) can be a challenge with pills in open bottles and liquid is restricted to less than 100ml.  The stick pack can be emptied into liquid obtained after security, thus making it ideal for travelling.

The stick pack is the perfect packaging solution for a single dose supplement that has proven to be a popular choice of consumers.  The stick pack is currently being used to package multi-vitamins, electrolytes, calcium, antacids, greens powders, effervescent drinks and more. 

If you are looking to revitalize sales of an existing product or launching a new one, think stick pack!